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Summary: xref Gtklookup


> * [ Gtklookup] -- downloaded symbols with external python helper and [[Anything]] tie-in

gtk-look.el finds and displays HTML documentation for Gtk, Glib and Gnome functions and variables, similar to what InfoLook C-h C-i (‘info-lookup-symbol’) does for info format documentation (like the GNU C Library manual).

The documentation is displayed using browse-url. WThreeM is a good choice for that if you’re on a text terminal (or just like it in an Emacs window). In addition to plain C, smart guessing of the symbol at point supports Gtk2-Perl, Guile-Gtk and Guile-Gnome.

The actual devhelp program obviously does the same sort of thing. DebianPackage:devhelp even comes with a little devhelp-word-at-point (bound to f7) for invoking it. I made gtk-look to use it on a text terminal with a plain emacs window, like InfoLook.

RichardStallman asked if Gtk/Gnome documentation is available in info format, which could be used directly by InfoLook. All I (KevinRyde) could tell was that it looks like it’s supposed to be possible, but it didn’t work for me.

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It would rock tremendously if eldoc-mode could be added to this. i.e. when I hover over some C gtk function it reminds me about the correct arguments.

CEldocMode (which needs Emacs 22) has a bit for that, done by grepping cpp output (which might be more reliable than looking up docs). It even has “pkg-config gtk+-2.0” already in its cpp options, ready for use with Gtk. – KevinRyde