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> *NOTE: 2011-05-06* The SVN trunk version of JDEE includes flymake integration using the eclipse compiler (based on SurajAcharua's implementation).

NOTE: 2011-05-06 The SVN trunk version of JDEE includes flymake integration using the eclipse compiler (based on SurajAcharua?’s implementation).

*NOTE: 7/19/2007* Since Jikes is not being actively developed to keep up with Java (last version is from 2004, so it doesn’t support any of the new features introduced in Java 5) this add-on has also be frozen.

But fear not; the awesome SurajAcharya has developed an alternative that provides the same functionality using the Eclipse compiler.

This package provides extensions to FlyMake, an “on-the-fly syntax checker for Emacs” created by Pavel Kobiakov.

FlyMake comes with built-in support for Java but relies on Makefiles for calling Jikes (http://www-124.ibm.com/developerworks/oss/jikes/); this module relies instead on JDEE project variables, removing the need to create Makefiles just for the purpose of using Flymake.

This uses jikes which isn’t so alive right now. Lisp:jde-eclipse-compiler-server.el is version for ‘ecj’, to use until jikes alive becomes again.

NOTE: jde-flymake.el requires some changes in the current (as of April/2004) official version (0.2) of flymake.el. These changes have been kindly incorporated by Pavel to the 0.3 version, available from CVS at http://flymake.sourceforge.net/.

There is a 0.3 flymake.el in the CVS Emacs 22.x distribution, but it is not compatible with jde-flymake. Please use the version mentioned above.


You may also want to check these extensions to Flymake to make the error/warning information accessible in a more keyboard-friendly way - either through the messages buffer or in a compilation buffer:



I tried using jde-eclipse-compiler-server.el but it hangs Emacs and tops out the CPU… it seems to actually ‘do the proper thing’ when I look at what it does in the code, so it seems the flymake / jde-eclipse interaction is fubar…. anyone else have this?


Hi Arjen, This is a different package that uses Jikes instead of Eclipse. It is not being further developed since Jikes seems to be dead; you should post your question on the jde-eclipse-compiler-server page or ask SurajAcharya.

Regards, – NascifAbousalhNeto