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Summary: Personal page housekeeping.


< My [[|home page]] --- created with OrgMode.
< Some of the other emacs modes to which I am fiercely devoted:
< * [[OrgMode]]
< * [[EMMS]]
< * [[InteractivelyDoThings]]
< * [[Gnus]]
< * [[rcirc]]
< * [[AUCTeX]]
< * [[RefTeX]]
< * [[BibTeX]]
< * [[JabberEl]]
< * [[emacs-w3m]] (especially [[WThreeMShimbun]])

I am an academic who uses emacs, OrgMode, and AUCTeX for all of my planning, note taking, and writing needs.

I am most grateful to all those who have worked on the wonderful computing ecosystem that is emacs.

Here’s a tutorial I wrote on OrgMode’s custom agenda commands:

(By the way, though I use PmWiki because of server compatibility, I am a big fan of Oddmuse and the work that AlexSchroeder has done with it.)

A belated welcome to the wiki! :) I must have missed you back when you had the MattLund homepage… – AlexSchroeder

Thanks for the welcome. I toyed with a thinly veiled anonymity but then thought better of it. MattLundin