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> You should use `type-break-query-mode` in your case.

Type break is a mode by NoahFriedman that comes with Emacs and encourage rests from typing at appropriate intervals. It can figure out if your typing is above or below a certain threshold and vary its suggestions. It also will avoid interrupting your typing and ask for you to find time to take a break.

To take a typing break, use ‘M-x type-break’ and watch Emacs conduct some demonstration. To make Emacs force you to take a 10 minute break very 60 minutes, use ‘M-x type-break-mode’. More information at ‘C-h f type-break-mode’.

See also RepeatedStrainInjury.

My type-break-mode doesn't work. When the time limit is passed, nothing happens. When I check the status by ‘M-x type-break-statistics’, it shows something like "-4 minutes from now". Does anyone met this also? – Jun Ge[1]

No idea, but I did not know about this mode so I wrote pause.el in nXhtml.

You should use `type-break-query-mode` in your case.