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Emacs planet is huge. Modes are created every day or so but there are also big hits going into anonymous death.

I propose to list here any mode that users liked and that suddenly disappeared (no maintainer, …).

The main goal is to have in front of each one the name of a new volunteer.

The list


I tried to get rid of the Buffer-* functions and replaced it by a simpler method invoking ‘read-file-name’. This works but many orther functions won’t work anymore. Anyway, that will let other start using this mode and maybe adopt it :)

Discussion (now probably only of historical interest)

Yeah, you’re right of course. Well, Xavier is French, which explains the spelling. I propose making a new AbandonedModes (note the plural, it should be clear) page and redirect this one to there (and delete it after some time). I’m going to do that, later today or tomorrow, if no contrary opinions occur or noone beats me to it. Thanks.

Done. I’ll remove this discussion, too, after some time.