I just learnt today on the EmacsChannel that Emacs user blogs are available via Planet Emacsen! :)AlexSchroeder

I’ve been holding off on announcing it until I get around to styling the page… guuess I should make that a higher priority now! – EdwardOConnor

I don’t mind the plain vanilla version. KISS, works. Something like emacsen.org would be easy to read, too. I never had time to read my favorite Emacs blogs. Now I can. – AaronHawley

I like the new design with the fake modeline for every post. :) The “window title” being black on purple is a bit hard to read. (Actually I sent about three mails to poor hober already with CSS related stuff.) Do we add Emacs categories only, or are all articles OK? I have little experience with this planet thing. Or do we run it like the EmacsChannel: OffTopic is OnTopic, but OnTopic is also OnTopic?

alephnull says off-topic, bpalmer says on-topic…

And: Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a decentralized way of determining the feeds in that list? For example: Have a page PlanetEmacsFeeds on this wiki, listing feeds? (Retrieve the list using Self:action=browse;id=PlanetEmacsFeeds;raw=1.) Or automatically slurp all posts on Technorati with the appropriate emacs/xemacs tags? I have no idea how these things work, somebody help me out. :)AlexSchroeder

Just a discussion point: is there a better way to do this that only pulls in posts that are actually about emacs? I find it annoying that “Planets” are usually 90% off-topic material.