Update: See EmacsChannel for newer stats.

It’s time for the irregular EmacsChannel ChatClient test again!

 108 irssi
  52 erc
   9 quassel
   6 weechat
   4 konversation
   3 mirc
   2 Microsoft Chat 98 : Keep it to yourself!!!
   2 macirssi
   2 CL IRC library
   2 limechat
   1 My client > your client.
   1 wtf
   1 netcat
   1 that irssi thing that all the cool kids use
   1 telnet
   1 lostirc
   1 OMG! LOL i'm on teh intarweb!!!1111
   1 go away bastard.
   1 kissmyass_v9000+
   1 hydrairc
   1 visual

 201 total

IrcClientSurvey says how I produced the list. Plus some manual editing to restore some of the stranger replies. 😊

Irssi and ERC continue dominating the list. Where is X-Chat!? I continue to think that irssi remains popular because people keep it running inside GNU screen sessions. We never learn anything new from these lists!

Strange, the rcirc clients didn’t respond to the CTCP request sent to the channel.

(And where’s Rockers Client? I’m still using that. – RandalSchwartz)


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