Apparently, our Indian spammer friends (IP numbers 163.47.140.*, 180.151.1.*, …) discovered that Emacs Wiki was editable again. I feel like locking the wiki down again for a bit as I’m about to go to sleep and I’m sure Drew has better things to do than despam the wiki every ten minutes. We’re not in a rush. 😊

Also: phone number spam without phone numbers? I really don’t understand this business model. These spammers are ripping off their customers and vandalizing the wiki.

My current policy: when I see spam in this group from a particular IP number, and knowing that these people get new IP numbers all the time, I use whois to get the IP number range of their network and then I ban the entire network. I am reminded of the manual Chinese spam we had a few years ago. There, I also had to ban a lot of Chinese networks. Happily, these days are gone and thus I expect that these manual Indian spammers will also disappear sooner or later.

– Alex Schroeder