The GNU-Emacs major mode for the programming language APDL

You can install APDL-Mode from Melpa and you’ll find the code on its Github page.

APDL (Ansys Parametric Design Language) is the solver scripting language of the mechanical FEA (Finite Element Analysis) suite ANSYS (ANalysis SYStem, registered TM).

APDL-Mode (formerly ANSYS-Mode) represents, in conjunction with the GNU-Emacs editor, an advanced APDL environment with features like solver communication (GNU-Linux only), license reporting, keyword completion, code templates, dedicated keybindings, etc. Over the years it has accumulated lots of features for writing and debugging complete FEA models in APDL code. Please convince yourself with the APDL-Mode in-depth documentation.

With the advent of the modern ANSYS GUIs - like ‘WorkBench’ or ‘AIM’ - the usage of APDL as a wholesale modelling language has diminished. But APDL is here to stay: ‘WorkBench’ and ‘Discovery AIM’ operate exclusively the ANSYS solver with it! They are sending APDL input (.dat) files to the solver. For a true understanding of the GUIs’ inner workings a study of their APDL code is prerequisite.

On the other hand the GUIs are not supporting all solver features. So APDL ‘Command Snippets’ enhance the GUIs’ modeling capabilities.

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