I use Emacs. I’m FSF member #1541, joined on 2003-08-25.

I have a blog at http://sood.net.in/journal. I’m aadis on the EmacsChannel.

I’ve been using Emacs for some years now but I really started using it 3-4 months ago. Now I’ve customized it a bit (emacswiki has been a great help, along with #emacs). Now I even read my mail using Gnus, which is awesome :-)

Other things I use are Planner and wiki mode (ofocurse the file editing too, and a bit of dired now and then).

Nifty stuff I found

I go by the handle of aadis [previously lostgnu] on irc

Welcome to the Wiki! If you hang out on #emacs, you should add yourself to EmacsChannelPeople. – AlexSchroeder
Did so. Thanx. – AadityaSood