For AS3

ActionScript 3 is used in Adobe’s Flex 2 and above

Austin Haas has created an actionscript-mode for AS3:

John Connors has also created an actionscript-mode for AS3: Lisp:actionscript-mode-connors.el


This [Connor’s mode] works for me in Aquamacs under OS X. Thanks for making it available.

This [Connor’s mode] somewhat works for me (AmitPatel), but indentation of nested array literals doesn’t indent properly. For example,

public var sides:Array = [
[new Point(300, 300), new Point(300, 100)],
[new Point(300, 100), new Point(100, 100)],
[new Point(100, 100), new Point(100, 300)],
[new Point(100, 300), new Point(300, 300)]

(require ‘cl)