As of 2020, this project seems to be dead.

AddressBook is a simple vCard based addressbook for Emacs. It is still in development.

It is similar to the insidious big brother database, but instead of using a custom format for data storage, it uses the standard vCard format to maintain contacts data.

The homepage of the Emacs Addressbook is


Hooks and interaction with other modes


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Is this project still alive? I hope it is because it would solve a lot of synchronization headaches.

Yes, it is still alive 😊 - JoseEMarchesi

The vcard.el from this repo fails to work with Gnus already. VCard attachment is not displayed in a ASCII form in the article buffer. - Leo

~/.addressbook is used by Alpine.

Yep. I changed the addressbook to use ~/.abook instead - JoseEMarchesi