I’m schussat on the EmacsChannel, though I had to cut myself off from IRC so that I’d get some real work done instead of just plink around with emacs.

I use Emacs for maintaining my schedule and projects via PlannerMode, and writing documents with LaTeX. I’m a graduate student in sociology (find more at and have been using Emacs, LaTeX, and BibTeX for a few years.

I am at work on my doctoral dissertation now, so I’m heavily into emacs and LaTeX just about every day now. When I get some data put together, I’ll also be using R and EmacsSpeaksStatistics (ESS). My officemates look at my screen and have no idea what I’m doing.

Welcome to the wiki! I used LaTeX heavily at my last year in university, too… As for office-mates, I think they finally found out that not every buffer in my Emacs is for SQL stuff; I’m not sure they found out that I am connected to AIM and IRC using Emacs. There used to be a time when I would read the Emacs newsgroups and play in a MUSH before actually doing some work – all within Emacs. :)AlexSchroeder

Emacs notes to myself

A few things: