Student at Stanford University.

Trying to integrate ZigZag and Wiki and Emacs….

email: abr AT stanford PUNKT edu

Welcome to the wiki! If you are interested in hypertext systems and discussing their respective merits, you should come to Meatball, where this kind of discussion is very much on topic. I guess EmacsWiki will be interested in ZigZag when there is a zigzag.el to check. ;)AlexSchroeder

Still trying to figure out how to read rss in gnus… not so easy..

Yeah, it seemed to be buggy at the time. The nnrss author is on the ding mailing list, however, so try asking there. – Alex
Looks like I have another email list to subscribe to then. If you figure out how to use GnusRss by all means let us know here. I’m trying to figure it out as well. – BruceDurling

Trying to code up some solution so oddmuse can output LaTeX code.

Yikes… sounds like a lot of wor! – Alex