My name is Alok G Singh and I am from India. I go by the nick alephnull on IRC – Freenode mostly, though I make regular forays into UnderNet and DALNet – and alokgs on Yahoo.

I was born in 1979 and I currently work at IBM in Bangalore.

My experience with Emacsen began with XEmacs (I thought it looked better in those days) though I exclusively use the One True Emacs now. I generally use Emacs for text processing and the intranet. I would love to use it for the Internet too but I’m behind a firewall and would require some advanced jujitsu with the switch, not to mention violate Corporate Network Guidelines.

I’ve met the biggest GNU of them all - RichardStallman - twice. I was at college with NoufalIbrahim and AadityaSood, both of whom I see a lot more of online than in the flesh.

I did borrow On Lisp from Noufal but sadly I didn’t grok most of it. I am now back to the emacs-lisp-tutorial.

At work I run a Debian sarge box, mobius, which is termed as an unsupported installation by the local helpdesk. Most of my job involves struggling (often unsuccessfully) with Oracle databases. This is not to say that I dislike them, it’s just that I find them difficult to work with (esp. from *nix). I worked for about 2 years with a 5 TB database and it definitely taught me a lot.

My claim to fame is that I own a copy of The Art of Computer Programming: Vol 1 and have worked through two of the exercises. Not good, I know, but not bad either.

I have a homepage which I last updated 5 years ago. Recently someone on #hurd-bunny mentioned it and I cringed to read what I had written. I does have some good information on Pink Floyd though. Perhaps now that I’ve mentioned it on the wiki, I’ll be motivated to update it :)

My interests include mathematics, theoretical computer science, linguistics, music and metaphysics (more physics than meta).