The following packages all concern, in one way or another, usability and human interface issues.

A few people have asked (apropos of the screenshots on the FillColumnIndicator page) what my font-lock settings are. The basic scheme is:

(let ((faces '((font-lock-comment-face :foreground "#4d7a70" :slant italic)
               (font-lock-constant-face :foreground "#6b7875")
               (font-lock-string-face :foreground "#7a633d")
               (font-lock-type-face :foreground "grey50")
               (font-lock-warning-face :foreground "#cd5c5c")
               (font-lock-preprocessor-face :foreground "#596766" :weight bold)
               (font-lock-doc-face :foreground "#707f75" :slant italic)
               (font-lock-keyword-face :foreground "#665d9c" :weight bold)
               (font-lock-builtin-face :foreground "gray50" :weight bold)
               (font-lock-function-name-face :foreground "#2e5fa2" :weight bold)
               (font-lock-variable-name-face :foreground "#6f5057" :weight bold)
               (mode-line  :background "#bedefe" :box (:line-width 2 :color "gray85")))))
  (dolist (face faces)
    (apply 'set-face-attribute (car face) nil (cdr face))))

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