I started off with Emacs 18.59 (or thereabouts). I ran XEmacs under Linux (and DEC OSF/1, Solaris, etc.) for years, even helping out with the XEmacs website for a little while in the late 90’s. Mid-2003 I got a Mac and left a decade of desktop Linux use behind. It’s been ok. I get by with MacPorts (when it works), and OS X’s Mail and Addressbook clients have been mostly bearable. TextMate is kinda cool, but after 4 years I started feeling like something’s missing. I dusted off my config, installed the MacPorts carbonized Emacs, and started playing around again - it feels like coming home.

These days, I run Emacs on a Mac (nothing personal, I just don’t like running X if I don’t have to). On the few occasions I show up on EmacsChannel, I’m cyflea.

In my previous (X)Emacs life, I wrote some small hacks, still available from despite being of fairly limited use these days:

Welcome to the wiki! :) CarbonEmacsPackage has been my introduction to Emacs on the Mac, and I’ve been very happy with it. When I first moved to a Mac, I had Fink, later Darwin/Mac Ports – but the older I grow, the less inclined I am to compile stuff myself. – AlexSchroeder