I’m frequently present as spacebat on #emacs and aim to take my use of Emacs and other Lisp environments to a higher level.


I work for the University of Adelaide in South Australia, in the past I’ve worked with Object Pascal, C, C++, Java and Python but for some years Perl, Javascript and to some degree Lisp have been my primary languages.

Relationship with Emacs

An Emacs user since the late ‘90s, firstly using XEmacs for its multi-terminal capability then I switched to GNU Emacs around 2005. I see Emacs as a wonderful, composable tool that is the perfect excuse for believing in the lost wisdom of ancient cultures. Indeed, it has been my gateway to learning Lisp.

I’ve written a bunch of utility functions in emacs lisp to help with Perl development and editing HTML, CSS and Javascript. Elnode and Websockets interest me very much.

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams