I don’t do a lot of writing on the web so this will be brief….

 - I don't have a blog
 - I'm learning emacs because it plays nice with lisp
 - My nick on #emacs is cddr
 - I also like Python but like other mere mortals am stuck programming Java for a living
 - I live in the best wee city in the world (Glasgow)
 - As my elisp foo improves, I'll snippets below for your editing pleasure

This takes each word in region, and surrounds it with quotes. Useful for building lists of strings.

      (defun quote-words-region (start end)
        (interactive "r")
        (goto-char (min start end))
        (while (< (point) end)
          (re-search-forward "\\w+" nil t)
          (replace-match "\"\\&\""))))