About me

Hi all,

My name is Andy Stewart (My Chinese name is 王勇) and I am an open sources programmer living and working in China.

I’ve used Gnu Emacs since 2007, I love it and use it for pretty much everything (programming, irc, music, file-manager, mail, newsgroup, wiki, notes… etc.). Almost anything that you can imagine.

I have signed the copyright document for the FSF so my contributions may be distributed accordingly. Free feel to copy any code you like and don’t need my permission, just enjoy! 😊

My Emacs Config/Extensions

Note: many config and extensions in this page is too old, even not update since 2008, please find newest version code from git: LazyCatEmacs

My emacs Video: MyEmacs

Run any program in Emacs

Please look EmacsApplicationFramework


Below are standalone packages, i will update them all the time.
Below are enhanced packages, some packages need many depend libraries, so copy any code you like. 😊


Configuration file

Below are part of my configuration files.
Just for example, i won’t update those configuration files all the time.

Patch contributions

Reading Notes

Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

I have wrote Chinese notes about “Emacs Lisp Reference Manual (” at here.
Chinese user can read those notes to study Emacs.

Emacs Lisp Programming

I have wrote Chinese notes about “Emacs Lisp Programming” at here.

Programming in Emacs Lisp: An introduction

I have wrote Chinese notes about “Programming in Emacs Lisp: An introduction” at here.

Contact me

IRC: ManateeLazyCat.
Mail: lazycat dot manatee at gmail dot com


Thanks to RichardRiley correct my English, advices and many other help.
Thanks to rubikitch for patches, advices and many other help.
Thanks to DrewAdams for improve documentation and advices.
Thanks to Juanma Barranquero for patches, advices for Irfc.
And thanks all emacsers that provide help! 😊


Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for sharing your large collection of Emacs libraries. – AaronHawley

Thanks! – AndyStewart

I'm back

Since 2008, I have used Haskell and C++ try to build a brand new Emacs for my need.

As an entrepreneur of Deepin, I was very, very tired. I didn’t have time to write my favorite elisp code.

Emacs guys, I’m back, as an elisp hacker.