About me

Hi all,

My name is Andy Stewart (My Chinese name is 王勇) and I am a programmer living and working in China. I am now developing leading operating system LinuxDeepin

I’ve used Gnu Emacs since 2007, I love it and use it for pretty much everything (programming, irc, music, file-manager, mail, newsgroup, wiki, notes… etc.). Almost anything that you can imagine.

I have signed the copyright document for the FSF so my contributions may be distributed accordingly. Free feel to copy any code you like and don’t need my permission, just enjoy! 😊


Deepin emacs Video: MyEmacs

Deepin Emacs souce code: git clone


Below are standalone packages, i will update them all the time.
Below are enhanced packages, some packages need many depend libraries, so copy any code you like. 😊


Configuration file

Below are part of my configuration files.
Just for example, i won’t update those configuration files all the time.

Yasnippet Template Code

Here have my template code for Yasnippet.

Use SCIM in Emacs

I have wrote EnglishTutorial that how to use SCIM in Emacs.
And ChineseTutorial have the Chinese version of tutorial.

Reading Notes

Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

I have wrote Chinese notes about “Emacs Lisp Reference Manual (” at here.
Chinese user can read those notes to study Emacs.

Emacs Lisp Programming

I have wrote Chinese notes about “Emacs Lisp Programming” at here.

Programming in Emacs Lisp: An introduction

I have wrote Chinese notes about “Programming in Emacs Lisp: An introduction” at here.

Contact me

IRC: ManateeLazyCat.
Mail: lazycat dot manatee at gmail dot com


Thanks to RichardRiley correct my English, advices and many other help.
Thanks to rubikitch for patches, advices and many other help.
Thanks to DrewAdams for improve documentation and advices.
Thanks to Juanma Barranquero for patches, advices for Irfc.
And thanks all emacsers that provide help! 😊


Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for sharing your large collection of Emacs libraries. – AaronHawley

Thanks! – AndyStewart

Leave Emacs

Hi, all.
I will leave Emacs soon.
The main reason that make me leave Emacs is not Emacs environment, is elisp, elisp is not powerful enough.
So i think it’s time to change…
Sorry i can’t do more contributions for Emacs world, but i’m very enjoy the time that explored Emacs.
And i’m very happy to know so many emacsers…
I’m glad to help others even i never use Emacs anymore, i like share my knowledge.
My code perhaps have bug or flaw, please hacking it self, i really haven’t time to write elisp code. Sorry.
And anyone can re-release my code and don’t need my permission, all my code is under GPL!
Now i’m finding someone to take over my elisp package.
If anyone interested my elisp package, please add at below (or mail to me).
Please don’t ask me why, i don’t want to fall into an endless debate.
If you want to take over my elisp package, just leave your name here, otherwise i will ignore. Thanks! – AndyStewart

I wish you’d elaborate. How is elisp not powerful enough? What are you migrating to?

Sorry, i do not want to further. Just one thing, I will leave… – AndyStewart
That’s OK, didn’t mean any offense. Thank you for your many contributions, and good luck. 😊

While Andy has every right to remain mum regarding his opinion of elisp there is ample evidence that he has taken an interest in Haskell. – JohnYates

I want to take over AutoInstall. Thank you for evolving InstallElisp. And I would merge Lisp:anything-auto-install.el and Lisp:anything-yaoddmuse.el into Lisp:anything-config.el if you prefer, because they are very useful. – rubikitch

Yes, AutoInstall is yours. I think you’re the best person to take over AutoInstall. About merge Lisp:anything-auto-install.el and Lisp:anything-yaoddmuse.el into Lisp:anything-config.el, feel free to do that. BTW, are you have interested below packages?
Yaoddmuse, OneKey, LazySearch? – AndyStewart

Best of luck to you, Andy, and thanks for all of your EmacsLisp contributions. – DrewAdams

I am very sad to read that. Anyway, thank you very much for your contributions. We hope to see you again soon 😊 – XavierMaillard

What I doing after leaving Emacs?

Many people are curious, what i doing after leaving Emacs?

I’m hacking Haskell to build my own OS:
Video (Select 720p HD version)
IRC channel : 6667 ##manatee
Mailing-List :
Please watch Video to understand “what’s it”.
Any suggestion and contribution are welcome! 😊
To Emacs fans,
My project’s aim is real OS, please don’t compare it with Emacs.
Choose any software you favorites, please do not debate with me endless, thank you very much! 😊 – AndyStewart

Great initiative! – DrewAdams

just do it! – QinGW

Looks great. – XueFuqiao

My work

Now i spend all my time on LinuxDeepin and my baby girl. 😊

Of course, now i share my fastest deepin-emacs, enjoy emacsers! ;)

Next Emacs

Top hacker like live in emacs, keyboard control everything… Unfortunately, emacs can’t do everything, such as web browser, GUI multimedia application, power tool in real world.

Why not build everything with keyboard? Like emacs style, but this time, we rebuild everything scratch from MrKeyboard.

This is OS for top hacker, enjoy it. ;)