Anonymous, Anon, or anon, is the pseudonym of any number of individuals who, rather than provide a UserName, wish not to identify themselves when they edit pages. Note, that network IP addresses never remain anonymous on EmacsWiki. The page history will provide the IP number or hostname as a popup if you let the mouse hover over the username, for example. If you want to keep it a secret, you need to use a network anonymizer like TheOnionRouter (Tor).

Using “Anonymous” as a UserName is a behavior that is not frowned upon, since the Wiki:WikiEngine doesn’t require logins (“MeatBall:SoftSecurity”) and all edits should be reviewed regardless of personal credentials. Users signing their edits as “Anonymous” are still encouraged to start a UserName homepage to introduce themselves as an Emacs user and Wiki editor.

See also MeatBall:LoginsAreEvil.