I work with GNU/Emacs since I switched to GNU/Linux and UNICES world (2001).

I really appreciated Emacs as a style of life with computers. There are some my papers in Russian are available on my web site:

About 'MM-' key prefix

There is ‘C-c’ keybinding prefix was left for users. However, I found there are many external modes use that so not so many free keys are available for user actually. Instead of ‘C-c’ I use ‘MM-’ key prefix for my own commands. I mean something like ‘ESC ESC’ prefix or ‘ESC M-’ prefix. It is really easy to “doubleclick” on ESC by left hand and then type a key by right one. Just try and probably you will like this too.

There are some keybinding I use.

 (global-set-key (kbd "\e\el") 'goto-line)        ;
 (global-set-key (kbd "\e\eu") 'user-cvs-update)  ;PCL-CVS update start
 (global-set-key (kbd "\e\ec") 'calendar)         ;calendar

and really many others. Sure, keybinding can depend on mode-hooks. My .emacs is available at

Welcome to the Wiki! Unfortunately Russian part of EmacsWiki is pretty silly :(, feel free to contribute to it! --ZajcevEvgeny