Anything Applications

Because Anything has nice narrowing and selection interface, it is common to invoke anything with even single source. That’s much more user-friendly than normal Emacs TabCompletion. There are many applications utilizing Anything framework. AnythingApplication is a command containing anything calls.

If you use only AnythingApplications, Lisp:anything-config.el is not needed. With Lisp:anything-match-plugin.el you can narrow candidates multiple times!

Lisp:anything-auto-install.el Integrate AutoInstall with anything.

Lisp:anything-yaoddmuse.el Integrate Yaoddmuse with anything.

Lisp:anything-emms.el Integrate EMMS with anything.

Lisp:anything-traverse.el Integrate traverselisp with anything (like grep)

Lisp:anything-mercurial.el Manage your mercurial patchs from anything (hg qpatch)

Lisp:anything-delicious.el Manage your delicious bookmarks from anything. (add, delete, update, browse, tag completion)

Lisp:anything-ipython.el Python completion with anything and Ipython.

Lisp:php-completion.el Complete everything PHP with anything.

Lisp:anything-include.el For C and C++. Anything-source made maintenance of history of #include and reusable.

Lisp:descbinds-anything.el Yet another describe bindings with anything.

Lisp:anything-slime.el Anything-sources and some utilities for SlimeMode.

Lisp:anything-R.el Anything-sources for ESS.


Lisp:anything-complete.el replaces various completion with anything (like Icicles). Use Anything power for normal completion. Lisp:anything-match-plugin.el is needed.

You can add support for comint completions as follows. This works well for ESS EmacsSpeaksStatistics.

(setq anything-c-source-comint
  '((name . "Objects / functions")
    (candidates . anything-c-source-comint-completions)
    (action . ac-insert)))
(setq anything-comint-sources '(anything-c-source-comint))
(defun anything-comint-dynamic-simple-complete (stub completions)
  (progn (setq anything-c-source-comint-completions completions)
         (anything-complete anything-comint-sources stub)))
(defalias 'comint-dynamic-simple-complete (symbol-function 'anything-comint-dynamic-simple-complete))

- ts

Thank you. But please support other comint completion methods such as file name completion. After that I’ll take in your patch. – rubikitch

Lisp:anything-el-swank-fuzzy.el fuzzy symbol completion using ElSwankFuzzy.

How about provide a function named ‘anything-el-swank-fuzzy-complete-symbol’ like ‘slime-indent-and-complete-symbol’? It is convenience to be bind.

Thanks for the suggestion. Updated! – TakeshiBanse

‘anything-el-swank-fuzzy-complete-symbol’ can not work and give “No buffer named anything complete”. If execute ‘anything-el-swank-fuzzy-complete-variables’ and then execute ‘anything-el-swank-fuzzy-complete-symbol’ it works.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m looking into it. Thanks report. – TakeshiBanse
Updated. Should fix, I believe. – TakeshiBanse

It works perfectly. Thanks for your job.

Thank you very much for the report! – TakeshiBanse

Tag Search

Sometimes TagsFile contains multiple entries, so selecting Search TagsFile with anything.

Lisp:anything-etags.el search ExuberantCtags / EmacsTags tag.

Lisp:anything-yaetags.el search ExuberantCtags / EmacsTags tag another way.

Lisp:anything-gtags.el replaces GnuGlobal’s gtags-select-mode with anything.

Dynamic Abbreviations


DynamicAbbreviations with Anything. It is inspired by DabbrevExpandMultiple.


Kill Buffers

(defun anything-kill-buffers ()
   '(((name . "Kill Buffers")
      (candidates . anything-c-buffer-list)
       ("Kill Buffer" . (lambda (candidate)
                          (kill-buffer candidate)
    (candidate-transformer . anything-c-skip-boring-buffers);;skip boring buffers
   nil nil))


Note that `anything-c-source-buffers+’ already do that with C-u C-z