Anything Plugins

Anything can be easily extended by plug-ins.

Match Plugin

Lisp:anything-match-plugin.el provides humane match. This plug-in improves Anything usability much more.

Change anything.el matching algorithm humanely. It gives anything.el search refinement functionality. exact match → prefix match → multiple regexp match

A query of multiple regexp match is space-delimited string. Anything displays candidates which matches all the regexps. A regexp with “!” prefix means not matching the regexp. To include spaces to a regexp, prefix “\” before space, it is controlled by ‘anything-mp-space-regexp’ variable.

In-Buffer Completion Extension

Lisp:anything-show-completion.el shows selection in buffer for anything completion.


Migemo Extension

Lisp:anything-migemo.el replaces anything ‘match’ functions with Migemo version. Japanese Emacs users should have it.