These are settings designed to change Aquamacs to be maximally compatible with classical GNU Emacs (even older Emacsen). You can switch these on/off by commenting them in/out. Additions to these are welcome, as long as they are no hacks.

These settings should work with current Aquamacs versions. Insert them into your Preferences.el file.

Other settings can be found in the ‘Aquamacs’ customization group.

Please go through the support channels [1] if you have questions. Do not insert questions here.


 ;; Key bindings
 (osx-key-mode -1)  ; no Mac-specific key bindings
 ;; if you instead decide to leave osx-key-mode on:
 (define-key osx-key-mode-map "\C-z" nil)  ;; reinstate  C-z to minimize 
 ;; (define-key osx-key-mode-map "\C-z" 'ns-do-hide-emacs)  ;; C-z to hide the application
 (unless window-system   ;; in TTY (terminal) mode
   (normal-erase-is-backspace-mode nil)
   (set-face-inverse-video-p 'mode-line-inactive t)
   (define-key osx-key-mode-map "\C-z" 'suspend-emacs))
        ns-command-modifier 'meta         ; Apple/Command key is Meta
 	ns-alternate-modifier nil         ; Option is the Mac Option key
 	ns-use-mac-modifier-symbols  nil  ; display standard Emacs (and not standard Mac) modifier symbols)
 ;; exchanging clipboard content with other applications
 (setq select-enable-clipboard t)
 ;; Persistency and modes:
  	aquamacs-scratch-file nil                        ; do not save scratch file across sessions
 	initial-major-mode 'emacs-lisp-mode              ; *scratch* shows up in emacs-lisp-mode
 	;; aquamacs-default-major-mode 'emacs-lisp-mode  ; new buffers open in emacs-lisp-mode
 ; Frame and window management:
 (tabbar-mode -1)		     ; no tabbar
 (one-buffer-one-frame-mode -1)       ; no one-buffer-per-frame
 (setq special-display-regexps nil)   ; do not open certain buffers in special windows/frames
 ; (smart-frame-positioning-mode -1)  ; do not place frames behind the Dock or outside of screen boundaries
 ; (tool-bar-mode 0) ; turn off toolbar
 ; (scroll-bar-mode -1)  ; no scrollbars
 ;; Appearance
 (aquamacs-autoface-mode -1)                                ; no mode-specific faces, everything in Monaco
 (set-face-attribute 'mode-line nil :inherit 'unspecified) ; show modeline in Monaco
 (set-face-attribute 'echo-area nil :family 'unspecified)  ; show echo area in Monaco
 ;; Editing
 (global-smart-spacing-mode -1)  ; not on by default
 (remove-hook 'text-mode-hook 'smart-spacing-mode)   ; do not use smart spacing in text modes
 ; (global-visual-line-mode -1)  ; turn off Emacs 23 visual line
 ; (cua-mode nil) ; it's now on by default in Emacs
 ; (transient-mark-mode nil)  ; (must switch off CUA mode as well for this to work)