GNU Arch (Arch) is a software version control system that was created by programmer TomLord to meet his version control needs. It’s changeset-oriented, supports distributed development and branching, and has sophisticated merge functionality.

The original implementation of GNU Arch, tla, is maintained by AndyTai. There is also a new, major update to Arch in development: version 2.0, revc. A branch of tla called Bazaar (baz, sponsored by Canonical) added new features and performance improvements. With the 1.3.4 release of Arch, many of the improvements from Bazaar were merged into tla. (Canonical replaced Bazaar with bzr, also known as BazaarNg, which is nothing like Arch.)

Learn how to use Arch in the official tutorial. There’s also a short intro, as well as guides for different needs at the gnuarch-wiki.

vc-arch.el and DistributedVersionControl allow you to use version control with Arch in Emacs.

Eshell tla command completion

pcmpl-tla.el by JeremyShaw provides tla command completion for ‘eshell’.

If anyone knows where to get it, please add that information here. The archive at{archives}/ doesn’t exist anymore.

Emacs Arch repository

The Emacs sources themselves are also available using Arch; see EmacsFromArch for details.