I’m Avi Rozen, I use Emacs.

Actually, I’ve been using various versions of both Emacs and XEmacs on every computer and OS I happened to work on since 1988 (except for my old Atari 800XL). I use Emacs for writing (and hacking) code in various programming and scripting languages (C/C++, TeX/LaTeX, Scheme, EmacsLisp, Python, AWK, Bash, Tcsh, Matlab, Assembly, HTML, VBScript, PostScript, to name a few). I use Emacs for running inferior processes such as GDB, Matlab, TeX and more. I use Emacs for editing binary files with HexlMode. I use Emacs for performing file system operations with DiredMode. I use Emacs to manage my to-do list with PlannerMode.

Oh, almost forgot - I also edit text with Emacs.

Over the years, as I find myself running Emacs on other people’s machines, I’ve come to realize that it’s best to be familiar with the default Emacs key bindings and default behavior, because I can’t rely on my personal customizations to be available. Emacs 22 is more than functional out of the box, with no customizations at all. Give it a try.

I wrote a few light-weight Emacs extensions, mostly for my own use:

I’m also known online as ZungBang (or Zung!) - pronounced “tsoong bang”, a nick I took on during my days as a Quake hacker.

I run a blog that documents the pain and glory involved in running Debian GNU/Linux on my home computer.

You can contact me using mailto:zungbang+emacswiki@gmail.com.

Welcome to the wiki! – DrewAdams

Does grep-a-lot handle igrep.el? – rubikitch

Fixed (please add (grep-a-lot-advise igrep) and verify) – AviRozen

Works fine!! Thanks – rubikitch