Backpack is a web-based personal productivity tool from 37signals.

backpack.el is an implementation of the Backpack API.

Eventaully, it’ll even have an interface. For now, courage.

Example usage

Here’s how I quickly add things to my Emacs to-do list in ERC, with /todo:

 (defun erc-cmd-TODO (todo)
   "Add TODO to my Emacs to-do list that I keep on Backpack."
   (interactive "sAdd to your Emacs TODO: ")
   (backpack-api/page/items/add 19187
    (format "%s: %s" (erc-default-target) (erc-trim-string todo)))
   (message "Added `%s' to Backpack." todo))
 (put 'erc-cmd-TODO 'do-not-parse-args t)


In my effort to exert the least possible effort to get this working, I started with my 21.4.1 GNU Emacs and downloaded libraries from the Emacs CVS tree to solve errors as needed. It seems to be working so far, after I installed the CVS versions of xml.el and url-http.el. (JohnSullivan)