Provides a modifier to major modes such that `‘parenthesis’’-type characters usually stay balanced. Changes a number of key bindings in the current major mode:

  * ``open parenthesis''-type keys (the exact keys depend on the major
    mode) insert both opening and closing characters, and ``close
    parenthesis''-type keys simply move to the nearest closing
    character (not necessarily matching the key typed).  
  * Meta-``open'' and ``close'' are rebound to simply insert the
    corresponding character.
  * ``delete-left''-type keys skip over ``close parenthesis''-type
    characters and only delete them when they can delete a matching
    ``open parenthesis''-type character (a delete can be forced by
    giving the ``delete-left''-type key an argument -- i.e. with
    ctrl-u or something).

If the ``open parenthesis-type keys are given a numeric argument, they will wrap their open and close around that many items. For example, in lisp modes, if the point is at -!- in:

      (if (null? x) -!-(printf 3) hi)

then ``Esc 2 ( will result in

      (if (null? x) (-!-(printf 3) hi))

There’s a version that allows the insertion of unbalanced parentheses at .