About Me and This Page

This is the page for Baoqiu Cui. I use Emacs now but have used both Emacs and XEmacs in the past: started with Emacs many years ago, switched to XEmacs while XEmacs was having more features than Emacs, stayed with XEmacs for many years, but finally switched back to Emacs in 2008.

I started using Emacs in 1995, and I got addicted to it very quickly. Nowadays I find it very hard to use any computer that does not have Emacs installed. :-) Many thanks to all the people who contributed / are contributing to Emacs (many of them can be found on EmacsWiki), my daily life and work becomes very interesting.

Almost everything I regularly do on a computer is done in Emacs:

To me, Emacs is the editor for programmers; whatever you want to do on a computer (i.e. in Emacs), you can always write or modify some existing Emacs Lisp code to make it happen. For most of the times, what you want to do is already done by someone somewhere on the internet. Thanks to EmacsWiki, searching for the things you need becomes very convenient.

I hope I can share things that are worth sharing with people. Comments and feedbacks are welcome.



Screenshots of DocBook Exporter for Org-mode

Org-mode Buffer org-docbook.pngFirst page of exported PDF file org-docbook-pdf-1.png
Second page of the PDF file org-docbook-pdf-2.pngThird page of the PDF file org-docbook-pdf-3.png

Screenshots of Grammar Checker

Some grammar error examples: grammar-checker.pngAfter correcting one error: grammar-checker-2.png

Welcome to the wiki! – AlexSchroeder

Thanks for the wonderful work of EmacsWiki, AlexSchroeder! – BaoqiuCui

Welcome to the wiki! I think grammar checking is one area Emacs has no good solution and your project can be a valuable addition to Emacs. Have you considered posting your project info to emacs-devel and ask for their comments to include it when it’s matured? – Leo

Thanks for the comments! I am planning to post a message on emacs-devel and/or comp.emacs to get people’s input once this project gets more matured. (Thought that EmacsWiki is a better place to get some early comments… and turned out I was right. ;-) ) – BaoqiuCui

Both the DocBook exporter and the grammar checker integration looks like nice ideas to me. I would like to export from org-mode to OpenOffice and perhaps I can do that via the DocBook exporter. Are the tags you use for the exporter within those support by OpenOffice? (There is a link to those on – LennartBorgman

Thanks for the comments… however I don’t know if there is a good and up-to-date solution to convert DocBook V5.0 documents to OpenOffice. All the solutions mentioned in the above link, including docbook2odf, are old and I don’t think they an handle latest DocBook V5.0. -- BaoqiuCui

Thanks, but could you please explain why you think the old solutions would not work? They are supposed to handle a subset of DocBook tags if I understand it correctly. Would not that work now too?

This is because DocBook 5.0 and 4.x are not compatible. The current known solutions only work with DocBook 4.x. Even though most of the elements supported by DocBook Exporter of Org-mode are not changed much from 4.x to 5.0, the old solutions still need to be modified to convert DocBook 5.0 documents to OpenOffice. – BaoqiuCui

Just want say thanks for grammar-mode – Although sometimes I don’t know what it is complaining about it is extremely helpful for a non-native English speaker. At least it makes me think whether or not a sentence is proper or not. – DavidMaus

First of all, thank you for your work. To me, Emacs is the editor for everybody. I am a student of literature and I do all my work on Emacs23. I could not install grammar-mode, a message says: Enabling Grammar mode gave an error. Could you provide a step by step description in order to install grammar-mode? I tried to do this: 1) Copy grammar.el and in my /.emacs.d 2)Then I include this: (require ‘grammar) in my /.emacs – Alfredo

Here is my install procedure:

  • install the packages liblink-grammar4-dev and link-grammar
  • locate the file link-includes.h (for me in /usr/include/link-grammar/)
  • dowload the files grammar.el and Makefile and modify the Makefile (for me INCDIRS = -I. -I/usr/include/link-grammar/)
  • execute the command make in the repertory where all the files are
  • put the repertory where you did make into your path (eg export PATH=$PATH:/home/jm/grammar )
  • I wanted to add this mode to the org-mode so I added (add-hook ‘org-mode-hook (function (lambda () (load-file “/home/jarbona/grammar/grammar.el”) (grammar-mode) ))) to my .emacs

By the way I have a lot of grammar timeout. Is it because my grammar is really to bad or is there a parameter to change?

– JM