bash use readline and share many keybindings with emacs for instance:

Some other bindings differ a bit:

in my .bashrc:

# this supposed that GNU stty is installed and that the special chars are the same on your terminal as on mine
# undef C-s and C-r  I don't like C-s to stop my terminal, and find it more usefull for incremental search
stty stop undef 
stty rprnt undef
#undef C-w , readline automagically binds the special terminal chars to their equivalent commands
stty werase undef

and in my .inputrc:

#C-w kill-region
#M-w roughly the same as kill-ring-save
# C-space to set-mark


Credits goes to the guys on #bash on irc.freenode for telling me about stty and special chars. See man and info pages for bash and readline for more info.

I am no terminal/readline… specialist so correction comments etc.. are welcome.

On Windows, later versions of bash (3.2.3) choke on scripts created with the NT-emacs default encoding, because of the ^M characters. Try adding this to your .emacs:

(prefer-coding-system 'utf-8-unix)