Most of the content on this page applies to versions of BBDB earlier than 3.x only

Question: When I receive mail in gnus from someone who’s not in my bbdb (and I don’t try to do any autonoticing or whatnot), I still get a bbdb buffer popped up sometimes with just my own bbdb record. Is there some way to tell bbdb to never pop-up my own email?

    (setq bbdb-use-pop-up nil)

SachaChua’s BbdbMode configuration:

    (require 'bbdb-autoloads)
    (require 'bbdb)
    (load "bbdb-com" t)
    (bbdb-initialize 'gnus 'message 'reportmail 'w3)
    ;; (bbdb-insinuate-sc)
    (setq bbdb-north-american-phone-numbers nil)
    (add-hook 'gnus-startup-hook 'bbdb-insinuate-gnus)
    (setq bbdb-auto-notes-alist
          (quote (("To"
                   ("w3o" . "w3o")
                   ("plug" . "plug")
                   ("linux" . "linux")
                   ("emacs-commit" . "emacs commit")
                   ("emacs" . "emacs")
                   ("pinoyjug" . "pinoyjug")
                   ("digitalfilipino" . "digitalfilipino")
                   ("sacha" . "personal mail"))
                   ("admu" company "Ateneo de Manila University")
                  ("Organization" (".*" company 0 nil))
    (setq bbdb-auto-notes-ignore (quote (("Organization" . "^Gatewayed from\\\\|^Source only"))))
    (setq bbdb-auto-notes-ignore-all nil)
    (setq bbdb-check-zip-codes-p nil)
    (setq bbdb-default-area-code 632)
    (setq bbdb-default-country "Philippines")
    (setq bbdb-ignore-some-messages-alist (quote (("From" . "hotmail") ("To" . "handhelds") ("From" . ""))))
    (setq bbdb-notice-hook (quote (bbdb-auto-notes-hook)))
    (setq bbdb/mail-auto-create-p t)
    (setq bbdb/news-auto-create-p (quote bbdb-ignore-some-messages-hook))

AlexSchroeder’s config:

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/usr/local/src/bbdb/lisp")
    (require 'bbdb)
    (add-to-list 'file-coding-system-alist
                 (cons "\\.bbdb\\'" bbdb-file-coding-system))
    (bbdb-initialize 'gnus 'message)
    (add-hook 'message-setup-hook 'bbdb-define-all-aliases)
    (global-set-key (kbd "C-c b") 'bbdb)
    (setq bbdb-canonicalize-net-hook
          '(lambda (addr)
             (cond ((string-match "\\`\\([^@+]+\\)\\+[^@]+\\(@.*\\)\\'" addr)
                    (concat (match-string 1 addr) (match-string 2 addr)))
                   ((string-match "\\`\\([^@]+@\\).*\\.\\(\\w+\\.\\w+\\.\\w+\\)\\'"
                    (concat (match-string 1 addr) (match-string 2 addr)))
                   (t addr)))
          bbdb-north-american-phone-numbers-p nil
          bbdb-default-country "Schweiz"
          bbdb-print-require t
          bbdb-print-net 'all)
    ;; FIXME: The From: header is no longer special.
    (defun bbdb/gnus-split-method nil
      "This function expects to be called in a buffer which contains a mail
    message to be spooled, and the buffer should be narrowed to the message
    headers.  It returns a list of groups to which the message should be
    spooled, using the addresses in the headers and information from the
      (let ((prq (list (cons 0 nil) (cons 1 nil) (cons 2 nil) (cons 3 nil))))
        ;; the From: header is special
        (let* ((hdr (or (mail-fetch-field "from") (user-login-name)))
               (rv (bbdb/gnus-split-to-group hdr t)))
          (setcdr (nth (cdr rv) prq) (cons (car rv) nil)))
        ;; do the rest of the headers
        (let ((hdr (or (concat (mail-fetch-field "to" nil t) ", "
                               (mail-fetch-field "cc" nil t) ", "
                               (mail-fetch-field "apparently-to" nil t)) "")))
          (setq hdr (rfc822-addresses hdr))
          (while hdr
            (let* ((rv (bbdb/gnus-split-to-group (car hdr)))
                   (pr (nth (cdr rv) prq)))
              (or (member (car rv) pr) (setcdr pr (cons (car rv) (cdr pr)))))
            (setq hdr (cdr hdr))))
        ;; find the highest non-empty queue
        (setq prq (reverse prq))
        (while (and prq (not (cdr (car prq)))) (setq prq (cdr prq)))
        ;; and return...
        (if (not (or (not (cdr (car prq)))
                     (and (equal (cdr (car prq)) (list bbdb/gnus-split-default-group))
                          (symbolp bbdb/gnus-split-nomatch-function)
                          (fboundp bbdb/gnus-split-nomatch-function))))
            (cdr (car prq))
          (goto-char (point-min))
          (funcall bbdb/gnus-split-nomatch-function))))
    (add-hook 'bbdb-list-hook 'my-bbdb-display-xface)
    (defun my-bbdb-display-xface ()
      "Search for face properties and display the faces."
      (when (or (gnus-image-type-available-p 'xface)
                (gnus-image-type-available-p 'pbm))
          (goto-char (point-min))
          (let ((inhibit-read-only t); edit the BBDB buffer
                (default-enable-multibyte-characters nil); prevents corruption
                pbm faces)
          (while (re-search-forward "^           face: \\(.*\\)" nil t)
            (setq faces (match-string 1))
            (replace-match "" t t nil 1)
            (dolist (data (split-string faces ", "))
              (setq pbm (uncompface data))
              (if (gnus-image-type-available-p 'xface)
                    (concat "X-Face: " data)
                    'xface t :ascent 'center :face 'gnus-x-face))
                (when pbm
                    pbm 'pbm t :ascent 'center :face 'gnus-x-face))))
              (insert " ")))))))
    (add-hook 'bbdb-notice-hook 'bbdb-auto-notes-hook)
    (setq bbdb-auto-notes-alist '(("X-Face" (".+" face 0 'replace))))

Matthieu Moy has code that allows BBDB to automatically create records for all outgoing mail. Every time you reply to an e-mail or a newsgroup posting, the recipients are added to the database. His code can be found here:

I had a tough time activating the “:” as described in the manual ‘1.6.4. Using the BBDB with Web Browsers’ for emacs-w3m. Leo sent me this working setup:

>> I have the following in my setup.
>> ;;; integrate with bbdb
>> (define-key w3m-mode-map ":" 'sdl-bbdb-www-grab-homepage-w3m)
>> ;; Based on `bbdb-www-grab-homepage'
>> (defun sdl-bbdb-www-grab-homepage-w3m (record)
>>   "Grab the current URL and store it in the bbdb database"
>>   (interactive (list (bbdb-completing-read-one-record
>>                       "Add WWW homepage for: ")))
>>   ;; if there is no database record for this person, create one
>>   (unless record
>>     (setq record (bbdb-read-new-record))
>>     (bbdb-invoke-hook 'bbdb-create-hook record))
>>   (if (bbdb-record-getprop record 'www)
>>       (bbdb-record-putprop
>>        record 'www
>>        (concat (bbdb-record-getprop record 'www) "," w3m-current-url))
>>     (bbdb-record-putprop record 'www w3m-current-url))
>>   (bbdb-change-record record t)
>>   (bbdb-display-records (list record)))

Just add it to your .emacs and you should be ready to go.

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