About me

Hi all,

I’m an Emacs fan from several years (since 2000) now. I use Emacs 23 on Ubuntu. I’m a French Ass. professor (sorry for my bad English) working on Software Engineering. Fan of Gnus and org-mode (still trying to master them). Facing an emacs bankruptcy, I’m currently looking for different autoloaders and package installer, like :

After a month of experiments, I switch to ELPA for the following reasons :

Then, now, thanks to org-babel mode, I could make literacy programming for my configuration file : in one file, I could put my explanations in org-mode format (with cute outline and table facility) and my emacs lisp code. The lisp code is automatically tanggled and the documentation (pdf ou html) could be generated ! It’s now much easier to navigate in my different configuration files.

Concerning the package installer, my main preoccupation was to get something which automatize the org-mode installation (org-mode is very active and there are dailies updates), none of the tested installers address this requirement. Fortunately, the org-mode community gets org-track, an automatic installer of org-mode… Finally, thanks to Org-babel screen, something similar to eev mode but with org-mode style, from an emacs file, I could also execute shell-script to automatize others packages installations. All my configuration staff are in the same files, it is now easier to manage.

My emacs bankruptcy seems to be avoided.

I still face some problems in the use of Org-babel screen, but this module is very recent and few documented (in November 2009).