I did not want to pollute the main Bongo page, so…

This page contains some hacks to make this nice player even better.

Add files from dired

(defun my-bongo-add-dired-files ()
  "Add marked files to Bongo library"
  (let (file-point file (files nil))
     (setq file-point (dired-move-to-filename)
           file (dired-get-filename)
           files (append files (list file)))
     nil t)
      ;; Is this always safe or can there be more than
      ;; one Bongo buffer?
      (set-buffer bongo-default-library-buffer-name)
      (mapc 'bongo-insert-file files))))

Tags using FileProps

If you use FileProps, you can use it to tag your songs in various ways. Here are some examples:

(require 'file-props)

;; I download a lot of mixes from DjMixes2k and want to
;; mark the ones I like really well.

(defun my-bongo-good-mix ()
  "Mark Bongo library file as a good mix."
  (file-props-add-tags (bongo-line-file-name) '("good-mix")))

(defun my-bongo-add-tag ()
  "Add file tag for current file in Bongo library."
  (file-props-add-tags (bongo-line-file-name) (file-props-read-tags)))

(define-key bongo-mode-map (kbd "tg") 'my-bongo-good-mix)
(define-key bongo-mode-map (kbd "ta") 'my-bongo-add-tag)

;;; TODO
;; A nice command that uses the file properties to add files 
;; to the Bongo library. Something like `my-bongo-add-dired-files'
;; will probably do.

See also Bookmark Tags.

Stop after playing a video

Usually, after one track finishes playing, Bongo immediately plays the next track (‘C-u C-c C-s’ disables this for all tracks). This can be annoying especially when playing videos, as you will not have a chance to stop the playback because Bongo keeps bringing up new videos.

The following hack makes Bongo stop playback after having played a video.

(add-hook 'bongo-player-started-hook
          (lambda ()
              (when (bongo-video-file-name-p
                     (bongo-player-get bongo-player 'file-name))
                (setq bongo-next-action 'bongo-stop)))))

VLC not playing next track

Discovered that VLC was not stopping after each track and thus prevented the next track in playlist from playing. Use this…

(setq bongo-vlc-extra-arguments '("--play-and-exit"))

“I’ve added this to the official Bongo repository, so if you pull you should be able to remove that line.” - Daniel Brockman 13.07.09

This may now be defunct see - ‘Mash 23.02.2010

Random playback mode follows marked tracks

To make random playback mode follow marked tracks, i.e., to pick only marked tracks when they are available, use the following.

(defadvice bongo-randomly-playable-track-line-p (after random-follows-marks
                                                       (&optional point)
  (setq ad-return-value (and ad-return-value
                             (or (null bongo-marked-track-line-markers)
                                 (bongo-marked-track-line-p point)))))

Dealing with redirecting HTTP streams

Here’s a hack (courtesy of DanielJensen) for listening to HTTP streams that redirect you (like those at, because VLC ignores it. You need curl.

(defadvice bongo-start-vlc-player (before redirect-vlc-uris
                                    (file-name &optional extra-arguments)
  "Use curl to pick up redirect locations in HTTP streams."
  (when (string-match "\\`http://www\\.live365\\.com" file-name)
    (let ((http-header (shell-command-to-string
                        (format "curl -I -s '%s'" file-name))))
      (when (string-match "^Location: \\(.*\\)$" http-header)
        (setq file-name (match-string 1 http-header))))))

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