This page is about bookmark-extensions

This is a fork of bookmark+.el, but simpler to use (less commands).

Compatibility: Only emacs23+.


You can get it here with mercurial:

hg clone

To get the development branch:

hg update -C Development


user_pref("browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML", true);

Or set it to true with a doubleclick in about:config from firefox.

This will import automatically your firefox bookmarks from places.sqlite to bookmarks.html

You will find files and instructions in contrib directory.

You will have to add protocol handlers to firefox to make that working:

That is not so easy as it was in firefox version < 3 due to a bug in firefox3+ i think.

I will add infos when i know more about that. See Bug 529511

You can also have infos about that on the org mailing list.

For the moment you will have to hack file in firefox: mimeTypes.rdf in addition of the usual user.js.

You will find some code to setup protocols in Firefox in the contrib directory (firefox-protocol.el), but that is experimental (use with care) though that work fine for me here to setup my protocols.


Here some screenshots:

Full screen

Searching in bookmarks:

Full screen



You should use an image host which allows full size images, so if you click on the thumbnall a new page is opened with the full size pictures. Or you could link the images to the full images on Flickr.

These screenshots are pretty much useless, because you only see a very vague color outline of things. If a new user comes here they are not very helpful to present what these features actually look like during use.

Thanks for the links to the full screen pictures. I wish it would be a policy on Emacs Wiki (to provide a link to the original picture), because I’ve seen ridiculously tiny screenshots on other pages too.

It would be great if you provided more information about the differences between bookmark-extensions vs. Bookmark+.el. As of now, it is hard to tell what kind of advantages bookmark-extensions provides over Bookmark+.el.

[new] I don’t want to make comparison between bookmark+ and bookmark-extensions, just look at the features provided above and make your own idea, or better try one and the other.