Compsci student/semi-professional programmer, I’ve been using emacs for a couple of years now, and every day just keeps getting better.

I worked my way through the emacs-lisp-intro over a summer and am starting to feel like I kind of know my way around. I still definitely don’t though, any advice, critiques, tips are most definitely welcome

On on the internet I go by quodlibetor: my blog and public svn, quodlibetor on aim/yim/msn and @gmail.

Also, I (now) keep my emacs.d in a mercurial repo online. I try to only push when it’s reasonably clean, but it is my .emacs, so it goes through pretty heavy churn.


TabInTabular -rebind the TAB key to operate more other programs operate within tables. I created it for the LaTeX tabular environment, so it’s probably not very suited to anything else.

iCal-in-Emacs: mostly a python script that will download icals and make it easy to import them into emacs diary. Primary resource on my subversion

FYI: I replaced your definition of ibuffer-ido-find-file in InteractivelyDoThings with one that took wildcard args because sometimes you could get an error message with your definition. – TreyHarris