Brf Mode

Brf Mode is not a strict emulation of the old DOS editor ‘Brief’ and does not turn Emacs into Brief.

Rather it provides an accurate implementation of specific features that I miss from ‘Brief’.

Principally these features are:

However they have been implemented in an Emacs-style. This means the functions respond to prefix args and where they override Emacs functions, they live on the Emacs key bindings as well as the original Brief keys.

Moreover, functionality has been extended to those parts of Emacs that were never part of Brief. For example, text cut/copied in line or column-mode can be saved/recalled in registers.

Also some functionality was never part of Brief nor Emacs (for example ‘List Bookmarks’ and the mode uses the prefix ‘C-c C-b’ for such commands.


See the detailed description at the project homepage:


Installing the ‘brf’ package from MELPA is the easiest way.

Make sure MELPA is in your package archives list, and ‘M-x package-install brf’.

‘brf’ can also be installed manually by downloading the archive directly from MELPA or the project homepage.

Manual installation is really only necessary on GNU Emacs older than 24 and on XEmacs.


Line-Marking Mode


Column-Marking Mode




Bookmark Menu