Current Open Lisp Question: How can I create a list of lists on the fly? I’m trying to create something like the following: (’(“foo” “bar” “baz”) ‘(“qoz” “quux” “quip”) ‘(“flop” “flip” “flobble”)). append and cons don’t seem to do what I want. Any ideas?

You could use LIST. Though I don’t think you want the quotes where you have them. To achieve (("foo" "bar" "baz") ("qoz" "quux")), you could do:
    (list (list "foo" "bar" "baz") (list "qoz" "quux"))
If this is too long, you can use
    '(("foo" "bar" "baz") ("qoz" "quux"))
Beware that creating so-called literal lists, is often a bad idea if you subsequently modify them.
See also BackquoteSyntax, ListModification, and DestructiveOperations

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