Calendar mode was originally written by EdwardReingold.

Here are hints and tips to get started.

To start and display your calendar, just do the following :

‘M-x calendar’

This will open a new buffer with your calendar standard view shown.

CalendarLocalization can tell CalendarMode to speak in your prefered language.

CalendarMode supports CalendarPrinting to dead trees by using LaTeX.

Key bindings

It probably knows more notations than you do, to list some, type ‘p C-h’. The result should be something like this:

    p o    calendar-print-other-dates
    p m    calendar-print-mayan-date
    p f    calendar-print-french-date
    p i    calendar-print-islamic-date
    p h    calendar-print-hebrew-date
    p a    calendar-print-astro-day-number
    p j    calendar-print-julian-date
    p c    calendar-print-iso-date (includes number of the week!)
    p p    calendar-print-persian-date
    p e    calendar-print-ethiopic-date
    p k    calendar-print-coptic-date
    p C    calendar-print-chinese-date
    p d    calendar-print-day-of-year

Calendar arithmetic and motion:

‘C-SPC’ followed by `M-=’
Count the number of days in region (between the mark and the current point).
C-x ]
Move ahead a year.
9 M-}
Find out what day is 9 months from the day at point.
. 177 C-b
Find out what day was 177 days ago.
8 C-n
Move ahead 8 weeks.
g w
go to a given ISO week.


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