I use Emacs, though I’m pretty much an EmacsNewbie - just started using it a few weeks ago. Prior to that I was a devoted JoeEditor user - still use joe for minor sysadmin tasks, but I’ll never use it again for writing code or anything else.

My first contribution to EmacsWiki is EasyCodeOutline - one of my favorite Emacs tricks so far.

Things I would like to do with Emacs that I haven’t figured out how to do yet:

I think that not using mouse is a victory, I wonder why you need it :) -- LucasBonnet

I figured someone would come along and say that :-) See, it’s more to do with showing friends who are stuck on their favorite proprietary IDE that Emacs can do anything worthwhile that <insert IDE here> can do.

Email: cjmeyer at npcc dot net

Sometimes I lurk on #emacs as carljm.

Welcome on the wiki ! – LucasBonnet