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InternetRelayChat clients

There is also an IRC bouncer, a proxy, to make your IRC connections persistent:

Instant Messaging


(rather old) Recommendations

I can’t get any of these to work - I think ejab is a firewall issue, but I’m not sure how to determine that.

Ok, the greatest thing I’ve used so far is ERC on BitlBee. That just makes everything else so easy 😊

Eicq authors says that it only support ICQ protocol v5, which is not supported anymore by mirabilis … crap. BenjaminDrieu
Eicq is back! It has basic support for the current ICQ protocol. login|out send|recv normal messages is working. More to come. See SteveYoungs
Eicq is now called EMchat.

ERC is a great client, and it will do almost anything for you. Also, great help on using it is available on #emacs @


YodEl is brilliant too! I can now chat in text from my emacs buffer from the terminal on NetBSD. The linux emulation library was dumping core. So happy day is today. 😊


JabberEl works brilliantly nowadays. It has quite a lot of features and Magnus adopts many of the ideas people suggest. I use it as my primary IM-client for chatting with people on Jabber-, ICQ- and MSN-networks.