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Emacs or XEmacs?

List the users of Emacs (GnuEmacs) or XEmacs:

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If you write “I use Emacs” or “I use XEmacs” on your homepage, you will be listed in one of these two categories. Alternative wordings are also allowed: “uses Emacs” and “uses XEmacs” work just as well. Your homepage must carry the CategoryHomepage tag for this to work!

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List of Homepages

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This emacs wiki also has homepages for famous Emacs and XEmacs hackers. We do not distinguish between homepages of wiki contributors, emacsen hackers, or famous people connected to emacsen history. If you decide to setup a homepage, either for yourself or another emacsen hacker or person connected with emacsen history, please add as much of the following information to your page as you feel appropriate. If you are creating this page for yourself, that is your call; if you are creating this page to refer to another, a decent respect for their privacy would dictate that you only include information they have made publicly available on the Web. Items of interest: