Many Emacs users keep an MeatBall:OnlineDiary, MeatBall:WebLog, or something else along those lines, and many maintain it via one of these funky Emacs tools.

This category lists EmacsLisp packages that help you maintain a weblog or a similar website that gets updated frequently.

Creating text files

Other packages that can be used with Emacs effortlessly, eg. because they depend on plain text.

Using an API

RSS readers


While I have no doubt whatsoever, that one can implement a diary within the e-script environment, using eev-mode or not, I feel inclined to state that neither on the EevMode page of this wiki, nor on the eev-mode or e-script project homepage there is anything written about such subject. The same way one could add a link here to a perl script reposatory, saying there is a way to create a diary with perl somehow. --QirbCameled

Writing diary in e-script enables us to replay operations. I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to take a note of commands when you learn computers. eev-mode is only a minor-mode to execute shell commands in Emacs, so it is orthogonal with other major-modes for journal. – Anonymous

It seems to me that there are many such commands, potentially useful for many tasks, including keeping a journal. To list them all on this page would diminish the value of this category, however. – AlexSchroeder

Nathan Weizenbaum wrote a nice blog post about the experience of hacking up hacking up an Emacs client for his blog with TextileMode and HttpPost. – EdwardOConnor

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