This category is for Emacs key reference sheet examples. Feel free to copy an existing sheet and make adjustments. Be sure to link to it from here.

Short Lists

These list are intentionally short – maybe 50 keys or less. Ideally, they would fit nicely on a mug. 😊

Longer Lists

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I looked at Alex’s idea, find it useful and tried to marry it with a self documenting editor named Emacs. I gave the married couple the name key-cat.el. Even though the marriage is not yet stable you can visit the couple at They are awaiting at least one baby which they speak about as :groups. – LennartBorgman

It looks very neat! – AlexSchroeder

I added an example for those who do not want to try key-cat.el themselves:

There are several things to tweak there, of course. The important thing is just that it allows for easy viewing and printing of reference cards. If someone want to improve it it would be great!