VM is a mail reader that runs inside GNU Emacs and XEmacs. The name is the short form of “View Mail” and it is also occasionally referred to by its long name (e.g., in the title of this page).

Per its Savannah page, as of Jan 2012, the last update was May 2010.

VM is shipped with XEmacs but not with GNU Emacs. You can get the latest version (8.0.0 and up) at its official home: Version 7.19 is hosted at its old official home:

The code base and the latest pre-releases of VM can be browsed at

VM is very well documented. It comes with a fine set of info pages, and there are two EmacsNewsgroups dealing with VM. These pages attempt to distill some of the useful information from the other sources.

Getting Started

VM Customization

VM and Other Packages

VM Addons

VM Wishlist


External Links (tutorials, blogs and configuration files)