When you modify code under a VersionControl (VC) system, you might want to create a ChangeLog automatically. ‘C-x v a’ may do what you need.

If you maintain the log manually, use ‘C-x 4 a’ to add a new ChangeLog entry. If you run ‘C-x 4 a’ in a hunk of a patch generated with ‘M-x vc-diff’, ‘M-x diff’, ‘M-x diff-backup’ – or any of the DiffMode producing commands, it will automatically determine and insert the function name into the ChangeLog entry. Repeatedly type ‘C-x 4 a’ for each hunk of the patch, and write an entry in the ChangeLog file.

A ChangeLog file itself is edited in Emacs using ChangeLogMode.

To merge ChangeLog files but maintain the chronological order, use ‘M-x change-log-merge’.

For more about ChangeLog files, see

Gnulib contains a merge driver for ChangeLog files to be used with VCS’ like git, bzr, or mercurial. See the GitForEmacsDevs#MergeChangeLog for more info.

See also EmbeddedChangelog, VcAddLogEntries.

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