Mode for editing ‘ChangeLog’ files. Press C-x 4 a to make a new entry.

Inspired by my own ChangeLog files, scattered about my disks but related to the same project, and by a question of ams on #emacs if such a function existed yet, here is a function to sort a changelog buffer by date (use this function with care: it has a call to erase-buffer and is relatively untested): --pft

    (defun change-log-sort ()
      "Sort a changelog in the format used by change-log-mode by date"
      (goto-char (point-max))
      (do ((expression "^[0-9]\\{4\\}-[0-1][0-9]-[0-3][0-9]")
	   (pos (point) (point))
	   (list nil (cons
		       (match-string 0)
		       (buffer-substring (match-beginning 0) pos)) list)))
	  ((not (re-search-backward expression nil t)) 
	   (mapc (lambda (item) 
		   (insert (cdr item))) 
		 (nreverse (sort* list #'string< :key 'car))))))

Emacs already comes with ‘M-x change-log-merge’. Doesn’t that do the task for you?

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