This page describes library cursor-chg.el, which lets you automatically change the cursor shape and color, depending on the context.

There are two different ideas behind this library:

Library cursor-chg.el provides three kinds of changes to the text cursor, which you can control independently:

  1. When a buffer is read-only or is in overwrite mode, the cursor type changes to ‘curchg-overwrite/read-only-cursor-type’ (by default, ‘box’). This is controlled by command ‘change-cursor-mode’ and user option ‘curchg-change-cursor-on-overwrite/read-only-flag’.
  2. When an input method is in use, the cursor color changes to ‘curchg-input-method-cursor-color’ (by default, ‘Orange’). This is controlled by command ‘change-cursor-mode’ and user option ‘curchg-change-cursor-on-input-method-flag’.
  3. When Emacs is idle, the cursor type changes to ‘curchg-idle-cursor-type’ (by default, ‘box’). This is controlled by command ‘toggle-cursor-type-when-idle’.

To turn on all three types of cursor change by default, put the following in your Emacs init file:

   (require 'cursor-chg)  ; Load the library
   (toggle-cursor-type-when-idle 1) ; Turn on cursor change when Emacs is idle
   (change-cursor-mode 1) ; Turn on change for overwrite, read-only, and input mode

Note: Library oneonone.el (see OneOnOneEmacs) provides the same functionality as cursor-chg.el, and more. If you use oneonone.el, then do not also use library cursor-chg.el.

Note for Emacs 20: There is a bug in Emacs 20 which can lead to a fatal error (Emacs crash) when using ‘query-replace’ with idle-cursor change enabled. If you use Emacs 20, then consider using ‘toggle-cursor-type-when-idle’ to disable idle-cursor change while you use ‘query-replace’.


I requested that GnuEmacs add the idle-change feature in August 2006. This will probably happen after the release of Emacs 22. However, so far, it looks likely that this feature will be mixed up with cursor blinking, which is logically unrelated. That would not be such a good thing, IMO, but progress is spotty… – DrewAdams

cursor-chg.el looks nifty but just FYI I have this simple (and by comparison, probably primitive) snippet in my .emacs. I don’t remember where I got it from but works great for me. Note, the hardwired colors are meant for dark backgrounds.

    ;; Change cursor color according to mode
    (defvar hcz-set-cursor-color-color "")
    (defvar hcz-set-cursor-color-buffer "")
    (defun hcz-set-cursor-color-according-to-mode ()
      "change cursor color according to some minor modes."
      ;; set-cursor-color is somewhat costly, so we only call it when needed:
      (let ((color
             (if buffer-read-only "white"
               (if overwrite-mode "red"
        (unless (and
                 (string= color hcz-set-cursor-color-color)
                 (string= (buffer-name) hcz-set-cursor-color-buffer))
          (set-cursor-color (setq hcz-set-cursor-color-color color))
          (setq hcz-set-cursor-color-buffer (buffer-name)))))
    (add-hook 'post-command-hook 'hcz-set-cursor-color-according-to-mode)


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