I have been using Emacs for nearly ten years. I’ve had a patch accepted to OrgMode, which will be part of Emacs 23! I used to have time to help out a bit on EmacsNewsgroups.

I have a web site of my own about various Emacs issues:

…which includes a feature which has been translated and published in a few oriental countries, apparently, and which gained me a bit of notoriety and a few flames:

My biggest current project is a Textile HTML generator written in Emacs Lisp, whose home page can be found at if you are curious. 1.0 hasn’t been released yet but anything could happen if I got a few more days to work on it.

I just started a new project to look up ESV Bible passages using the ESV API in Emacs. See EsvMode for more information.

I also just whipped up a MoinMoin to MediaWiki converter in Emacs. See MoinMoinToMediaWiki for more information.

I hate VBScript so I wrote a pseudo-REPL for it in Emacs; see VbsReplMode.

In my life outside of Emacs, I am a computer system administrator in the St. Louis, Missouri, USA area.