“Chart” stock and commodity charting program (written in Perl and Gtk includes an Emacs interface. Get it from

In Emacs (GnuEmacs 21, or XEmacs 21, or higher) you can get quotes or view and edit the Favourites list and other lists. Prices can be obtained in EmacsLisp code too.

M-x chart-watchlist brings up the favourites list in a buffer, it looks something like this (there’s colours for up and down, not shown here),

    Symbol       bid/offer     last  change    low    high    volume   when
    ^GSPC           /       1,227.92   1.42 1,223.50 1,229.53  1.70b   16:59
    GM         32.00/41.63     36.74  -0.26   36.43   37.04    5.26m   20:32
    TSCO.L    319.75/320.25   320.00  -0.75  318.50  321.25      59m   01:33
    NAB.AX     31.33/31.35     31.32   0.26   31.10   31.42    4.60m     Fri

M-x chart-quote shows a quote for just one symbol in the echo area in a similar form,

    CAH.NZ      2.37/2.38       2.38   0.01    2.37    2.39    1.27m     Fri
    Carter Holt Harve  [New Zealand]

In EmacsLisp code, a call like (chart-latest "GM") gets a current price, or volume etc, of a stock symbol. This can be used to make a portfolio in the SimpleEmacsSpreadsheet. An showing that is included in the sources. The special command M-x chart-ses-refresh forces a fresh download of quotes in a spreadsheet.